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The ProTECS Plans were developed to help customers ensure reliable system performance year around.  We believe that our plans offer tremendous value and offer several levels to better fit the needs and budgets of our customers.

  • The below graphic outlines our primary plans, but we can easily customize the package with additional services and products.  The following are some services that ProTECS Plan customers have requested to be added to their scheduled maintenance…


  • UV light bulb changeout - Most UV bulbs need to be changed every six to twelve months.  TECS will review the brand, technology, and bulb requirements and provide recommendations on maintenance intervals.  If desired, we can change the bulb based on the manufacturer's recommendations.


  • ​Upgraded filter changeouts – For the additional cost of the filter, we can upgrade or include upgraded filters for your home based on your environmental desires.  For example, a 4” filter is recommended for households with sensitivities to allergens.



  • The typical North Texas home operates their air conditioning system for an average of 2700 hours during the spring, summer, and fall cooling season.  In terms of vehicle maintenance, regular inspections and service on the home’s HVAC system could be compared to regular oil changes and tire rotations.

  • Maintenance agreements offer customers the peace of mind that their system is being inspected and maintained by a licensed professional, based on manufacturer and industry standards.  This will ensure that your system is running reliably and efficiently throughout the season that it is needed most.

  • Did you know that most HVAC extended labor warranties require an annual system inspection by a qualified contractor?

Do I really need a maintenance plan for my home’s HVAC system?  

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