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Residential New Construction (RNC) is a business model unto itself in the HVAC industry, with unique requirements and separate operating models.  At Texas Energy and Comfort Solutions, we not only specialize in RNC design and installations, but we also excel in the partnership required to ensure homebuilder expectations and schedules are met.  We understand that HVAC scheduling is paramount to maintaining tight closing requirements and will do everything in our power to make sure that HVAC is not a factor in moving that date.  


At TECS, we believe that design and planning are as important as the final installation of the equipment.  A well-designed HVAC plan will provide proper equipment loads as intended by the manufacturer, while also maintaining a comfortable environment, as expected by the homeowner.  An improperly designed HVAC system will cause additional strain on the equipment, allow for weak airflow or out-of-balanced rooms, and ultimately leave a homeowner displeased with the final home product.  We will work with the homebuilder’s engineering or architectural firm to solidify an efficient HVAC design for each of the homebuilder’s plans and elevations.  If preferred, Texas Energy and Comfort Solutions can also provide design work, including load calculations, duct design, and air balance finalization.   


Eliminate Stress, Add Comfort

Texas Energy and Comfort Solutions prides itself on a robust set of installation procedures to ensure that each home meets our exceptional level of quality standards.  All TECS installations are performed by in-house technical teams and undergo further quality assurance inspections by regional technical supervisors.  As a final quality assurance and baseline metric, we will provide the homebuilder with a report containing all system measurements to remain on file within the warranty department.  


Taking these small, but consequential, extra steps allow for an unprecedented reduction in warranty calls compared to industry competition.  The result is a reduced load on a homebuilder’s warranty department with regard to homeowner HVAC requests.  The TECS high level of installation will also set a homebuilder apart from their competitors as they can be confident each homeowner is able to condition their home based on manufacturer design and industry standards within the North Texas region.

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 10.22.40 PM.png

Our commitment to the homebuilder partnership is what makes TECS the preferred RNC installation group in the North Texas Region.  Our long-term commitment to the homebuilder’s customer is what sets us apart from all other competitors.  Included with each home installed by Texas Energy and Comfort Solutions…


  • TECS will provide a fresh set of installed filters and consumer system training after closing.


  • TECS will provide a maintenance evaluation and service, as well as a second set of installed filters, six months after closing.

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